I am an impressionist. I paint moments of life in a loose impressionistic style. Sitting somewhere or walking around town, I make little sketches of things that strike me. I always carry pen and paper with me. The sketches are the basis for my paintings. I love to stroll through Amsterdam, where I have my studio. I sit in little brown cafés, or beautiful grand-cafés and sketch people who are drinking their coffee, or meet their friends. I like to see children playing at the beach. There I find my inspiration. Most important for me are people in their daily surroundings and because these moments pass very quickly, I only have seconds to make the sketches. For the background I have more time of course.  Later in my studio I recreate these moments and try to catch the original atmosphere. Although the sketches are done very quickly, the paintings take long before I am satisfied with them.  For me composition, color, atmosphere and light are most important, the exact form is of lesser importance to me.

Under the heading "Oilpaintings" you will find paintings that are for sale. They are also on display in the slide show .

For contact: malie@baehr.nl    tel:0612584930